After-sale Service

Dear customer, thank you for using InstFit Pro wristband! Please read the service regulations carefully, so that you can enjoy our best after-sale service.

1、InstFit Pro wristband enjoys warranty service one year from the date of purchase.
2、The warranty certificate include: sales vouchers, purchase invoices, in the official store to buy just to show customer purchase record screenshots, after verification can take part in the warranty, after-sales customer service does not need to show me your invoice.
3、Consumers from within 30 days from the date of purchase under normal operating conditions, occurrence quality problem, without repairing, can enjoy replacement new services.
4、 During the warranty period, under normal operating conditions, the quality problems, can enjoy free maintenance services. Warranty service does not include transportation cost and service.
5、Parts or products to replace during the warranty period, shall not extend or recalculate the product warranty.
6、Free warranty products, such as serious damage beyond repair or parts for this model have stop supply, the company is not lower than the original specification for the replacement product, if there is no the same products, offer more advanced products to replace, but need to make up the difference.
7、The following warranty, will not enjoy the company provide free maintenance service:
(1) The user is not in accordance with the specifications, wrong installation, the product failure or damage caused by the safekeeping and use.
(2) Because force majeure factors caused damage.
(3) Unless institutions authorized by the company, personnel, remove the fault or damage caused by the products.
(4) Cannot be bought a valid certificate or valid warranty.
(5) The purchase date more than warranty period.
8、After the warranty expires, the user can still get the company to provide charge of maintenance services.
9、Beyond the products of free warranty period, in case of serious damage, no parts supply or other uncontrollable factors beyond repair, can be a discount for a new wristband.

After-sale Mail:service@bitaxon.hk